Qigong Teachers


Master ZhangThis site is dedicated to Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang and promoting Qigong around the world.  You’ll find information on Master Zhang’s teachings as well as events we sponsor in our effort to bring you this ancient knowledge.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a combination of mind, body and spirit cultivation; it opens the gates to that part of ourselves which often times lies dormant in this modern age.

Through energy cultivation, people can awaken their true nature and bring healing to not only their bodies, but also to the rest of their beings.

Interested in studying Qigong in China?

A couple of times a year, Master Zhang takes students on Medical Qigong & Internal Kungfu Study Tours to Sichuan & Tibet, China. For information on the next tour see: http://qigongmaster.com/events/medical-qigong-internal-kungfu-study-tours-to-sichuan-tibet-china/