Mt. Qingcheng Bagua

Zhang-Clipart-02Most of us who have seen Bagua in any form have seen this unusual style of walking in a circle with a flurry of twisting and turning motions.  There are many training methods that have been passed down that train the building of internal energy that allows us to accomplish these beautiful and powerful movements.  The style of Mt. Qingcheng Bagua comes to us transmitted through Grandmaster Yuanming Zhang.

Mt. Qingcheng Bagua is practiced in many different ways. There is the sitting method that sends us into a more internal meditative state.  There is also the standing method that is a dynamic method.  Then there is the walking method which is the most famous.  The walking method contains the the old 8 palms, the 8 animals subsets and the extended 64 palms which consist of 8 combative subsets of the 8 palms. Together, the 64 palms cover all the changes from the I Ching.  If mastered, the practitioner will be able to counter every combination of attack thrown at them. There are also medical purposes to Bagua.  When used in Medical Qigong / Tuina treatments, the palms gather different types of energy to be transmitted to the patient.  The Tuina, or Chinese medical massage techniques are also applications of each individual palm.