Longmen Pai

Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate Lineage)

Qiu ChujiIntroduction

The Dragon Gate lineage of Daoism is a branch of the Quanzhen Daoist sect, which was founded by Wang Chong Yang, who lived at the end of the Song dynasty and beginning of the Yuan dynasty. Wang had studied Buddhist, Daoist and Neoconfucian teachings and combined them into one Quanzhen Jiao (Complete Perfection Teaching); this formed the Quanzhen Dao sect. Wang had many disciples, the seven best being known as the “Seven Immortals”. One of these, Qiu Chu Ji had practiced for many years in Long Men Dong (Dragon Gate Cave). Qiu’s students formed Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate School) after the cave where Qiu and they studied.

As with other branches, the Dragon Gate sect has its own specific teachers, dao (nature, qi), scriptures, and methods. The methods taught are divided into two types – the outer form (public, not secret) and inner workings (secret teachings).

Master Yuanming Zhang has studied with a number of Long Men Pai teachers, some publicly known, some private citizens, and has been chosen as lineage holder by more than one teacher. Of these, only Lü Zijian is still alive.

Long Men Pai Lineage

  • Patriarch:  Qiu Chu Ji (1148 – 1227), Pen-name – Tong Mi,  Daoist name – Chang Chun Zi.
  • 1st Generation:  Zhao Dao Jian (1163 – 1221)
  • 2nd Generation:  Zhang De Chun (? – 1367)
  • 3rd Generation:  Chen Tong Wei (? – 1387)
  • 4th Generation:  Zhou Xuan Pu (? – 1450)
  • 5th Generation:  Zhang Jing Xü (1432 – ?)
  • 6th Generation:  Zhang Zhen Ming
  • 7th Generation:  Wang Chang Yue (1522 – 1680!)
  • 8th Generation:  Wu Shou Yang (1574 – 1644)
  • 9th Generation:
    • Zhang Tai He (Wudang Shan)
    • Yu Tai Yuan (Wudang Shan)
  • 10th Generation:
    • Chen Qing Jue (1606 – 1705. Left Wudang Mtn. to go to Qing Cheng Mtn. in 1669)
    • Zhang Qing Ye (1676 – 1763; Tai Yuan’s student. Left Wudang; went to Chengdu’s Qing Yang Gong Temple)
    • Zhang Qing Hu (main official at Qing Cheng Mtn.’s Tian Shi Dong)
    • Zhang Qing Shi (Qing Cheng Mtn’s Wen Chang Gong Temple)
  • 11th Generation:  Wang Yi Cui (Zhang Qing Ye’s student)
  • 12th Generation:  Wang Yang Bing (Qing Cheng Mtn. head)
  • 13th Generation:
    • Wu Lai Hui (Qing Cheng Mtn. Daoist head)
    • Yang Lai Wang (Wudang Mtn. Daoist head; Wang Fu Miao’s teacher)
  • 14th Generation:  Wang Fu Miao  (Wudang Mtn. Daoist head; Xü Ben Shan’s teacher)
  • 15th Generation:  Xü Ben Shan (1860 – 1932) (Purple Cloud Temple Abbot, Wudang Mtn. Chairman)
  • 16th Generation:
    • Zhou He Guan (1892 – 1988)
    • Xü He Xing (1905 – 1996)
    • Lü He Ming (Lü Zijian) (1893 – ). Lü is the last living disciple of Xü Ben Shan
  • 17th Generation:
    • Zhang Jiao Zong (Zhang Yuan Ming) (1963 – )
      • Zhang is Zhou He Guan’s, Xü He Xing’s and Lü Zijian’s lineage holder.
  • 18th Generation:  Zhou Yong Yin, Jiang Yong Ling, Chen Yong Zi

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