Five Elements Qigong


Five Elements Qigong, Part 1—Metal-Lung Qigong

by Yuanming Zhang

Qigong, a combination of Chinese martial arts and traditional medicine, is one of China’s most well-known and popular activities. Practicing qigong allows you to open the body’s channels and meridians and absorb outside, or universal, energy into your own body. Qigong exercises make you more aware of your inner body and self. Regular practice of these forms will help you attain a peacefulness that enables you to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Mi Zong Zhou Yi Wu Shing Ling Can Gong, which translates into “Chinese Medicine Yi Ching Five Elements Qigong,” was derived from an ancient Chinese yi ching book. It has not been previously taught on a public scale, but it is the simplest and most effective qigong. With special mudras, mantras, and visualization techniques, five elements qigong makes it possible for you to connect to and become one with the universe. As a result, you will be able to absorb the energy present in the universe through your channels and enhance your own body’s energy and healing powers.

The theory behind Wu Shing Ling Can Gong is that five natural elements–metal, wood, water, fire and earth–correspond with five different organs in the body: the lungs, liver, kidney, heart, and spleen respectively. By connecting these elements with their organs, you can improve their functions. For this reason, there are five qigong forms-each tailored to enhance a particular organ’s function. The five organs are linked to their corresponding elements through a particular finger. Forming a mudra of interlocking circles with a certain finger helps to direct the energy during the

exercise toward a specific organ. Another component of this qigong is the mantra, a soothing chant whose vibration serves to improve and adjust the circulation of inner chi. The last part of five elements qigong involves the use of the imagination (or visualization). These three parts com­bined help you channel outside energy into your own systems to regulate and boost your body’s energy.

Metal Lung Qigong Explained

Following is a detailed explanation of Metal Lung qigong.

Kung Li-theory: Metal Lung Chi Gong uses the universal energy to enlarge the lung’s capacity and improve the function of the body’s respiratory system, which aids in improving overall health.

Kung Show-result: It facilitates the flow of lung-qi, clears the nasal passage, protects the vocal cords, improves the complexion, and builds up strength. Continuous practice of this method may reduce or prevent the risk oflung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and sinus infection.

Kung Fa-method: Using special mudras, mantras, and visualization techniques, you will be able to absorb energy from the universe to enhance your own health.

Sun Mi-Mudras are special hand gestures and body movements. According to the Chinese five elements theory, the inner body is connected to the outside through the fingers, each of which corresponds to a certain organ. The metal lung mudra is interlocking circles formed by touching the tips of the thumbs and index fingers. The rest of the fingers spread out to receive the energy from the universe that will improve the function of the lung and respiratory system.

Ko Mi-Mantras are sounds that produce a vibration, which is used to regulate the chi flow. The metal lung mantra is a praising, joyful sound. Using a natural breathing pattern, say “ha, ha, ha.” This will help the circulation of the lung-qi.

Yi Mi- Visualization. You will use the image of a crystal to absorb and reflect the energy of the universe. Through the use of mudras you will be able to see yourself as that crystal ball and you will be able to absorb and reflect the universal energy to expel any illness chi from the body.

Mudras, mantras, and visualization are the main principles of the metal lung chi gong method. During the practice of this exercise you must put yourself in a light, happy mood to maximize the effects of the metal lung qigong.

Metal Lung Qigong Step by Step

Following is the Metal-Lung Qigong process step-by-step:

  • Begin by facing west.
  • Form interlocking circles with the index fingers and thumbs.
  • Slowly raise both hands into an image of clean, pure air. Sway as though you are moving to healing music; absorb energy, or chi, from the space around you .
  • Inhale and exhale through your nose several times. Lower both hands to chest level (figure 4).
  • Close your mouth and clench your teeth together. Say, “Hmmm.” Separate the hands in front of the abdomen and flick the index fingers against the thumbs.
  • Again, form interlocking circles. In either a standing or sitting position, start to roll the spine from the tailbone on up.

Visualize your spine as a tree, waving to the healing music in the space around you.

Now, imagine the entire universe turning into a bright light that is shining on your body. Looking inside yourself, see that your body is becoming a bright light also. Listen to the sound your body makes. Press both hands down and say “Hmmm.” Separate the hands and say “Aaa.”

With your hands in the metal-lung mudra position (repeat 1 to 6), raise both hands above the head. Still breathing through your nose, imagine the body and universe becoming one illuminated world. All sickness inside your body is melting away. Press both hands down to the abdomen and say “Aaa.” Letting both hands hang along the side of the body naturally, inhale through the nose and say “Aaa.” Imagine an ocean inside the dantien. The waves are flowing inside the whole body. The body shimmers like a crystal ball and is waving and shining to the rhythm of the waves. Picture the rays from the crystal ball radiating all around you. Say”Aaa.” Inhale through your nose. The body vibrates with the uni­verse. Smell the air and taste your saliva. Rotate your eyes, look inside your body and say “Aaa.” Form interlocking circles with the index fingers and thumbs and stretch the other six fingers out to absorb energy from the space around you. Picture your body shining with bright light, following the movement of chi inside the body.

Slowly clasp the six fingers together. Lower both hands to the abdomen.

In a sitting position imagine you are becoming one with the universe and are absorbing its bright light.

You are surrounded by an infinite number of crystals. Say “Aaaa.” Constantly taste your saliva and smell the air. The air is becoming more and more fresh. Say “Aaaa” and following the vibration send energy through your heart and lungs. Continue visualizing the body shimmering like a crystal ball and moving like the waves. Feel your body becoming fresh and pure. All illness is washing away.­ Swallow saliva. Gradually, you will feel like you are increasing your energy and that all your pores are emitting light while absorbing energy from the universe.

Repeat this entire exercise many times. To end the exercise, hold the left hand over the right, palms facing each other, while standing in a Tai-ji posture. Rub your hands together. Using chi energy, massage your face with both hands to keep it young andbeautiful. Comb your fingers through your hair, stimulating the brain. Rub your earsand tap the back bone of your ears several times, sending the energy from both hands through the body. Clench your teeth together, rinse and swallow saliva. Standing freely, let the body sway of its own accord. End with a relaxed, happy feeling.

Yuanming Zhang, 18th generation successor of Mt. Wudang Longmen Pai, is a consultant to the United Nations Qi Gong Society, chairman of the World Chi-Kung Martial Arts and Live Science Academy, professor and director of acupuncture-qigong department. Master Zhang is also an overseas consultant for Kungfu/Qigong magazine.

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